Are you required to pay a new spouses debt

One of the scary things about marriage is merging each others monthly or even daily activities for simple things like one person believes in eating breakfast first and the other one believes you should get dressed first and then eat breakfast if you have enough time before leaving for work or school.  For things as simple as this it should come as to know surprise that the way people deal with finances is also different.  Some people were brought with emphasis on different aspects of budgeting. As an example, one person may believe in saving and they always pay themselves first. However, one person may believe that paying bills is very important and you should always pay your bills first. Unfortunately, sometimes people get married and find out the other person has so much debt that they can barely believe it.

If one spouse is financially savvy they may notice that the only way out of their spouse’s mess is to claim bankruptcy. So, if you are already married is the new spouse responsible for the debt they married into. The short answer is “no” However, there are other things that should be discussed with a bankruptcy attorney before making a final decision. Once you have met with several attorneys you may decide one of the best things you can do to start out a marriage is to have the spouse file bankruptcy so you can both get off to a clean start.

Once you have at least 3 free bankruptcy consults you can start comparing how much are bankruptcy fees for each attorney you visited and then sit down as a couple and pick the best lawyer that you can afford. Your goal will be to try to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy in order to get that true fresh start for a new marriage.