Halloween Costume Ideas – Creative Options for All

Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays for kids and adults because it involves fun activities such as haunted house, horror movies, trick-or-treating, costume contests, and big parties. The activity that kids anticipate the most on this holiday is trick-or-treating.

Kids would eagerly go around their neighborhood and collect candies or treats from every household. This trick-or-treating experience is very thrilling and rewarding as everyone is dressed in different costumes and the treats are always a surprise. Most kids love this holiday simply because it is the day where people give out free candies, and every household is open for visit.

Halloween is also unique because people can have a new identity by dressing up in costumes. The adults enjoy Halloween mainly because it allows for unique and fun social gathering where people can dress up as anything. Every Halloween, most adults would dress up in unique costumes to celebrate. Costume parties are very common in many schools, and work places. Many companies would have costume contests to reward the person with the most interesting costume.

The competition could be very intense as everyone wants to look exciting and scary on Halloween. Halloween could also be a chance for the ladies to look sexy. Girls would like to dress up in very pretty costumes such as princess, devil, nurse, green fairy costume, pirate, schoolgirl, MMA ring-girl or fantasy characters. Therefore for the ladies, it could also turn into a beauty pageant. Sometimes that could turn out to be more competitive than the actual costume contest.

However not everyone aim to look good on Halloween, some people strive to look as weird or unique as possible. Some people would dress up as objects instead of characters. Examples would be Eiffel tower costume, a gothic fairy costume,  or even a bathtub. The different types of costumes could go as far as a person’s imagination could lead. There are costumes that are fitted on by two people such a giant costume or transformer robot.