Five Reasons Everyone Should Love the Kitchen Nook

The breakfast nook is one of the best rooms in any home for many reasons. This article will share five reasons that I particularly love my kitchen nook area. My hope is that by hearing my thoughts, you will start to think about your breakfast nook differently. Maybe you will start to use it more or make some changes to the room in order to take advantage of all its attributes.

Of all the things I love about the breakfast nook, the most important is that is provides a comfortable and practical place for the entire family to gather together or work. We eat almost all of our meals at the kitchen table so we use it several times a day for that. In addition, with the bench cushions and decorative pillows it is also comfortable enough to use for family meetings or game nights. The kids can work on homework there while we are getting dinner ready and the adults can use it to do work they bring home or household chores like paying bills.

The second reason that I love the kitchen nook is the fact that it offers storage in a room that is always overcrowded and where you always need extra storage space. A breakfast nook set with storage is a great way to get some of the small kitchen appliances that clutter up your counters and cabinets out of the way. You do not need them every day so there is no reason for them to be cluttering up your kitchen. In the breakfast nook set they will still be close enough that it is convenient to grab them when you need them.

A third thing to love about your kitchen nook is the fact that the decorating elements like window valances perform many functions. Not only do window treatments like valances help keep the sun out of your eyes when eating a meal, they also provide a seamless transition from the kitchen to the kitchen nook. You need to install your window valance treatments at the same height as your kitchen cabinets, and then there is a line created that eye can follow from one room to another easily.

Still another reason to love the breakfast nook is the fact that you will most likely have room for an additional piece of furniture that every cook wants in his or her kitchen but not everyone is fortunate enough to have built in. Pantry cabinets are an essential tool for a cook who wants to stay organized and be able to find the ingredients the need quickly. There is usually a spot on the edge of the kitchen nook that is perfect for a pantry cabinet because it is still close to the kitchen, but clearly part of the breakfast nook. This is important because the furniture will not have to match your kitchen cabinets if it is part of the kitchen nook set.

The fifth reason that you should love your kitchen nook is that you will have an informal place where your entire family can sit down to a meal together. Many homes only have the formal dining room where there is enough room for everyone to gather. The formal furniture is stressful because you are constantly worried about staining it or damaging it. Casual kitchen nook sets with washable cushion covers on the seats is much less stressful. Also, the informal furniture is often more inviting and comfortable.