The Different Types Of Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs can be divided into several categories: handmade, machine made, braided mats, floor mats or bamboo mats.

Machine made rugs are good, durable standard rugs. The machine weaving gives the rug an even and consistent appearance, and machine-woven rugs are usually relatively high quality. Popular choices include polypropylene rugs and other synthetic material floor coverings.

Handmade rugs can be made with natural materials, such as cotton. There are also many synthetic options which include acrylic, nylon, polypropylene outdoor rugs. Handmade rugs are more detailed than machine-made ones, and the colors and patterns can be more creative and personalized. If a rug is hand woven, it is generally more expensive than if it is made by machine weaving.

Braided rugs can be made with synthetic materials or sometimes with natural yarn. Polypropylene is popular because it absorbs the dyes very well and gives the yarn a vibrant color. There are different ways to braid a rug: flat braid, corded braid and cable braid, and all give the end product a different look and texture.

A floor mat is another option, and its main benefit is that it is lighter and thinner than a traditional rug. Today floor mats come in a variety of materials, which include recycled material, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Because the mat is thin and light, it is easy to wash. Floor mats can be often washed simply with water and left out to dry without fear of mildew developing into the fabric.

Bamboo is a good-looking material for a garden rug. It is best to use bamboo only in covered parts of the garden and dry it well if it gets wet in the rain.

When choosing outdoor rugs, the appearance is important, but the key factor is that they are weather-resistant and take some wear and tear. Always make sure you choose the most practical rug for your purposes.