Top Keyed Security Cables for Laptops

Laptops are very expensive and they are important part of our lives. They make our work much easier and it would be unimaginable to live in a world without laptops or computers.  If you look at pink laptops for sale today, you will that even though they are no longer as expensive as they were before, they still cost a lot of money. This is why you need to keep your laptop safe and you need to take very good care of them. There are many ways of making sure that your laptop is secure. One of them is to buy a security cable so that you will have peace of mind when you leave the house or when you leave your laptop along.

There are many types of security cables. The two most popular are those that require a combination of numbers and those that require a key. If you prefer to use one with keys, here are the top choices.

Belkin Notebook Security Lock-Master Keyed. This is one of the most advanced master-keyed security lock in the market today. One master key will unlock all devices but individual users can only get a key which will unlock only their device. This is available for only $25. This product has a padlock-style lock which connects to a hasp in the computer’s security slot.

Kensington MicroSaver Notebook Security Cable for Laptops. One of the main reasons why people steer clear of security cables is that they are too difficult to attach. This product will solve that. This is very easy to use. This locks into the slot with just a single snap. This is made from very strong steel and customers have the choice to order these cables keyed to a master. This also comes with a rotating lock head. This retails at $45.

V7 Keyed Laptop Security Lock. This is compatible with almost all laptop’s security slots. This has a steel cable which is almost impossible to cut and this is available online for only $30-$40.