How To Use Free And Discount Carpet Remnants

Carpet remnants are portions of a larger carpet that are no longer needed. Many times when people purchase a carpet, it is not the exact size of the intended room. When this happens, portions of the carpet are cut off. These left over pieces are called remnants. They are often sold at a discounted price, since the original purchaser has no use for them.

These little sections of carpet can help people save money in many ways. They are an affordable way to decorate a home. Remnants can be used as small rugs or carpets. Depending on the size they can also be used as runners or stair treads. Larger ones make great area rugs. Some people even use them as floor mats in their cars. If there is an interesting design printed on it, a remnant can also be hung on the wall as art.

Discount carpet remnants can be found online and at retail stores. While it may seem cheaper to buy them online, beware of the shipping costs. Because of their weight and size, remnants can be expensive to ship. Most retail stores will have their remnants together in one section of the store. There a buyer can pick through them and select the ones he or she finds suitable.

Free carpet remnants can be difficult to find. Generally, stores and outlet centers do not give them away. If a store is going out of business they might be willing to part with the remnants for free. It is also possible to arrange a deal with a retailer if other purchases are being made. Most will rather give away a carpet remnant than lose out on the entire sale.

There are many ways to use these left over pieces of carpet. They can be found at discount prices, or even free if one is lucky. Decorate on a budget with discount carpet remnants!