Desire To Own A Color Kindle Reader

There are lots of people, some who already own the Amazon hand held reader and some who do not that would like to purchase a color Kindle 4 device. It goes without saying that it would be very cool. However what would this mean for the Kindle?

The iPad is a color device. This tablet device has the same sort of screen as a computer. The display is an LCD screen. This means that it is back lit. The battery power consumption is pretty high. However with the Amazon hand held reader, the battery can last for about one month because it uses an electronic paper display that is not back lit and hence runs at much lower power. So would the introduction of a color Kindle mean that the way the device operates is changed drastically? The long battery life is something that is more important to many users than a a color screen.

Fortunately, a color version of the Kindle would not mean a move away from its electronic paper display. In fact the technology used in the reading gadgets would remain pretty much the same. It would however become a little bit more advanced. This is because even as we speak, Amazon is experimenting with a color version of the electronic paper display that the Kindle uses.

In 2010, the company which developed the E Ink Pearl screens for the 3rd generation Kindle in fact brought out a newer version of their technology called E Ink Triton. If this is used in the Kindle 4 reader then we know for sure that it will have the ability to display color images. In actual fact, this E Ink Triton screen is able to display over 4,000 different colors.

So we just have to hope that Amazon is able to get the technology working in a way that they are happy with. If so, we can expect to see a color Kindle 4 sometime soon.