Make Sure That Your Home Is Not Losing Heat.

We are all looking at ways of making and saving money these days.  There is one simple way to save money and that is to ensure that your home is energy efficient and not losing heat.  Here are a few ideas that you should consider.

One way to help you to make the most of your heating is to put reflective foil behind the radiators in your home.  This may seem a rather simple thing to do but you would be surprised at the amount of heat that gets reflected back into the room by doing this instead of it being soaked into the plasterwork.  Therefore your room will warm quicker and you will not need to have your heating on for as long.  Reflective foil is not difficult to obtain and should be stocked by any good hardware store.

Give serious consideration to installing double glazed windows in your home.  With rising oil and gas prices it is very important that we stop heat loss from our homes.  Some owners of older homes with sash windows for example do not want to replace their wooden sash windows because they feel that the replacement windows will not be as attractive.  However great advances have been made in the production of uPVC and other types of double glazed windows in recent years and you can also get very well insulated timber windows also.

If you want to stop air leakage and heat loss from your residence you will have to have good quality and very energy efficient windows and doors fitted.

Apart for your windows and doors there may well be other locations in your home that draughts are able to get in.  These locations have to be found and draughts sealed as cold air getting into the residence is a sure way of lowering the temperature that you have spent so much money on building up.