A Brief Guide to Tissot

Tissot, this is a word often associated with excellent and well-designed Swiss watches. That is only right because Tissot is one of the best brands of timepieces in the world. The company had achieved a lot of things since it started in 1853. They have kept their tradition of producing exquisite and fine Swiss watches for more than a hundred years. Until now, they are making innovations that will improve timepieces. Form their very first pocket watches to the most recent wristwatches, Tissot is a force to be reckoned with in the world of timepieces.

The company started in the small Swiss town of Le Locle. Who would have thought that today their presence can be felt in 150 countries around the world? Tissot prides itself in being the firsts in a lot of things. It also looked farther than Switzerland when so many companies were focused in making their name in Switzerland. Tissot if the first watch manufacturer to make watches using pearl, wood and rock.

Charles-Emile Tissot, the founder’s son, left the country and went to Russia to sell savonnette pocket watches. He was a man with a vision of expanding the company outside the borders of Switzerland. This is when the company started conquering the international watch market. Today, the company sells more than 16,000 timepieces across all the five continents where they can be found. The company now makes various timepieces that will suit everyone’s needs. Not only do they make timepieces for men, they also do so for women.

Some of the most prominent people to own Tissot timepieces who have gone to the other side were Grace Kelly and Elvis Presley. The popular African president, Nelson Mandela also owns a Tissot.

Aside from selling pocket watches, Tissot stores worldwide also advise customers on proper watch cleaning. Tissot remains at the top of its game today and judging from how they have been performing lately, you can sure they are staying on top of their industry.