Choosing effective window treatments like curtain tie backs & valances for windows

Your window treatments – that’s your curtains, blinds and other decorative touches, can really be key in pulling the overall look of a room together, so it pays to give them a bit of thought rather than just throwing any old curtains up. Here are some points to consider to help you choose the right window treatments for your home.

You won’t want your window treatments to clash with the look you’ve carefully created for the rest of your room, so make sure you choose decorative touches that will complement their surroundings. Highly detailed, tumbling thick curtains and ornamental valances for windows are going to look somewhat odd in a minimal living room! Stick with simple, clean lines for more modern rooms and think about grander, luxurious finishes for more formal spaces.

Your room’s dimensions
Make sure you consider the shape and size of your room and windows before deciding on your window treatments, as their proportions need to be chosen carefully to make the most of the available space. Huge swathes of curtain material will make already small windows look tiny and dominate more compact rooms. The right length curtains can also really help to give the illusion of height to a room, or go a long way to making big open spaces feel cosy and snug.

It’s all very well making sure your window treatments look good, but remember to think about their function. Are you always getting dazzled by the sun? You might want to think about roller blinds that let you flexibly block the sun’s glare – or perhaps venetian blinds to create dappled shade. Blackout blinds or linings are fantastic for rooms where you want full control of the amount of light let in, brilliant for bedrooms.

On the other hand, if your room is pretty dingy then you might want to think about curtain tie backs to make sure you’re letting in as much light as possible, or sheer curtains if you want some privacy but don’t want to block too much light.

Heat and energy
Also take into account how stuffy or draughty your house is. If it tends to get quite chilly in the winter, properly insulated curtains or blinds can make a real difference, trapping heat inside and keeping you cosy.

So take these points into consideration when you next plan your window treatments to ensure you make the best possible choices.