Choose Your Wardrobe Storage Solution

Wardrobes in the bedroom have been around since the Victorian era. Today, a wardrobe storage cabinet has a multitude of uses. Besides hanging clothes, they can store knitwear, shoes, jewelery, accessories and books. Before choosing wardrobe storage, you need to consider the size and layout of the bedroom. Then you need to determine your storage requirements and preferred configuration followed by the bedroom decor and amount you’re willing to spend and then you can think about the wardrobe furniture that will most suit you and your home.

There are a range of wardrobe storage solutions to choose from. The main choices are the walk-in wardrobe, the built in wardrobe and the stand alone (or free standing) wardrobe.

Walk-In Wardrobe

The walk-in wardrobe is the ultimate in luxury. If you have the space, walk-ins allow you to hang your clothes, store your personal items and hide your valuables behind closed doors. The ideal walk-in wardrobe adjoins the bedroom. If the walk-in is large enough, you can hang a full-length mirror and add extra lighting to double as a dressing room. If space is limited, you can make clever use of irregular bedroom layouts and the available wall space.

Built In Wardrobe

Built in (or fitted) wardrobes are suitable for any kind of bedroom. Offering a clutter-free option, clothes and storage can be hidden behind sliding panels or bi-fold doors. It’s important to determine your storage needs before opting for this permanent solution. You can customize the configuration of rails, drawers and shelves to utilize any awkward spaces in the bedroom. But, unless you consider yourself to be the ultimate handyman, you need a professional to design, build and install the wardrobe.

Stand Alone Wardrobe

The stand alone wardrobe comes in a huge range of sizes and designs which will suit the decor of any home. They can range from antiques to more contemporary designs and will take up less room in the bedroom than a fitted wardrobe. As a cheaper option, you can usually find a ready-made wardrobe to fit unusual spaces, like an alcove or chimney breast. A more costly option is a customized wardrobe which allows flexibility in materials, design and storage configuration. If space is limited, try storing items in boxes above the wardrobe as a decorative feature.