Considering a Gazebo Tent

If you have a family event coming up and need additional outside space consider a gazebo tent to accommodate your guests. A 10 x 20 white party tent gazebo canopy with sidewalls is better suited to a smaller gathering but is a great way to manage a function at home. The uses of a this additional space are that it can come with or without side walls, the beauty of side walls being that you can enclose or zip up all of the walls, or just some of them to create the ambiance you require. If the wind is rushing in from one side of the garden, you would simply close that side of the gazebo to shut out the wind whilst still enjoying the sunshine on the other.

If you have a more formal event such as a family wedding or christening looming on the horizon and are lucky enough to have a garden big enough you can really push the boat out with the larger 10 x 30 white party tent gazebo canopy with sidewalls. You may even consider two separate gazebo tents, perhaps one to seat the guests for dining and the other to host your entertainment, especially useful if you have a band. Investigate options for flooring to ensure your guests can dance in there high heeled shoes and to protect your lawn

Like all the best garden decor ideas the gazebo is a flexible addition to bring out or put away as the occasion requires. Another benefit is you can run extension leads from your home to make sure that you have all the power you require to make your go without the noise of generators. Do thoroughly investigate the safety aspects of running power lines across the garden and ensure you have the proper equipment to make sure everyone is safe.