Tips for Shooting Marine Life

If you recently invested in a new underwater digital camera such as the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2 one of your first underwater inhabitants you may want to shoot are the Nudibranchs or Sea Slugs.  The reason why these little creatures are so much fun to shoot for novice underwater photographers is because the move slow, they’re small, colorful and they congregate in popular diving spots.

Anilao is about a 3 hour trek just south of Manila, Philippine and this place is perhaps one of the be places in the world to scuba dive and to shot all types of sea critters especially the Nudibranchs.  If you love underwater photography this place is an underwater photographer’s paradise.

Remember that whether you are shooting sea turtles, jellyfish or slugs patience is a virtue.  Make sure you position yourself where the fish are congregating.  Next, be patient and allow the underwater marine life to warm up to you and your digital camera.  It’s not a bad idea to fire off a few shots to allow your chosen subjects to get acclimated to flash of your camera.  Next, simply sit back and wait for the right shot to come to you.

Also, it’s a bad idea to chance underwater critters.  Remember you are the intruder in their backyard, so refrain from chasing after marine life that is moving away from you.

Practice often.  Remember that getting a good shot of underwater marine life takes a bunch of practice, so shoot as many frames as you feel that you’ll possibly need.  It’s can be a bit tricky when trying to focus your camera while shooting underwater.

Be sure to control your shutter speed while underwater.  You’ll need to set your shutter speed higher in order to stop the movement of underwater marine life.  Many underwater cameras now feature a sport mode that will assist you with your picture taking.