Projected Outlook and Stability for Flight Attendant Jobs

The flight attendant requirements are rather short, especially when it comes to how high the average salary is. The typical flight attendant makes about 40k a year, making it an especially attractive career since it does not require any degree or college. Along with the relatively short period of school, flight attendant job openings come up frequently due to the demands this career puts on its workers. Many people cannot handle flying consistently as it can take over an individual’s life and become a large obstacle to work with. While the pay and benefits are very nice, it is very important that an individual considers what kind of work they will be doing and how often they will be off the ground.

Due to how demanding this career is, it makes sense that it is consistently in demand. With 99,000 jobs held in 2008, airlines are always looking for new flight attendants to take the old ones place and begin working right away. There is no official school needed, you simply must have some customer service experience and be holding a passport. In order to find flight attendant jobs, you need to check out many different major airlines and see what is available. Commercial airlines are where the most jobs are offered and the pay is often much better as well. In order to receive a high flight attendant salary, you should try to get hired by a major airline. The projected flight attendant job openings are very good as the population increases and economy increases. Many people become seriously interested in going after this career because of how well it pays and the minimal amount of experience and training that is needed. Instead of needing to spend years in school, you can become hired right away just by having some customer service experience.