Bissell ProHeat 2X – Steam Power

The answer to wall-to-wall carpet maintenance is the Bissell ProHeat 2X. This powerful the deep cleansing carpet machine uses advanced steam cleaning technology to sanitize your carpet more thoroughly than it has ever been cleaned before. The first time I realized how great this machine was, was when I was visiting my brother’s house. We had often got together on weekends but since I moved our visits became more spread out.

When I arrived at his home I knew something was different. I looked down and it was clear to me that he had a new carpet installed. When I asked him how much it cost he only laughed. He proceeded to let me know that he did not get a new carpet at all. All he did was buy the best steam cleaning machine on the market. The Bissell ProHeat to ask was responsible for making his carpet look like the day he bought it.

He then gave me a demonstration to show me just how easy it was to use. All he needed to do was fill it with tap water and begin the treatment. There was also a cleaning solution that was built especially for homes with pets. He owns two Bulldogs and so do I, so I was really excited to go out and buy my own. His carpet looked amazing and I wanted mine to look the same.

I went out and purchased the Bissell ProHeat 2X and began treating my carpet immediately. After the first session my carpet looked the same as it did the day I had it originally installed. This is absolutely mind-boggling and I was so happy that I had finally spent money on something that worked. The results were amazing and I also was able to use it on my furniture upholstery.