Some Creative Activities for 1 Year Olds

As soon as your child turns 1, his peak point of learning begins as he starts waddling around trying to speak. This is the high time when he observes and picks things quickly, his life presents a learning curve and adaptability. At this time, it is vital as a parent that you ensure that your baby indulges in learning activities. Parents normally give children some of their favorite toys to keep them occupied, but this is not enough. You should get the baby involved in some creative activities for one year olds.

Assist them in Learning

You should get your child involved in verbal activities as much as possible. Speak to him about anything, for example if you are cooking and toddler is placed nearby start telling him what you are doing explain him the recipe. Treat him as if he understands every word you say. This will allow him to learn and speak quickly. He will also speak clearer if you talk to him and make him talk.

When the baby is playing with toys, you should get him more involved, by naming the toys, making a story out of toys etc. Such activities for 1 year olds would enhance the learning capabilities while they are playing and having fun. Another way of letting a child learn is asking him to perform some of your day to day activities such as taking mails out of envelops and throwing garbage in bin.

Creative Toys you should Buy

Toys are meant for kids to play with, but if you buy toys cleverly, you can help your child learn and play at the same time. Here are some of the toys we think you should look at:

  • Super Shapes Dump Trucks will allow your child to engage in counting while playing, learn about different colors, objects such as animals, cars etc, and also teach him to manage the pieces of his toys. They cost around $34.99.
  • Babies are always fascinated by cell phones and ruin them by playing with them; Baby phones will take care of this problem for you. Phones that come with ringtones for babies are one of the favorite toys of toddlers today.
  • Making them play with Soft Blocks is one of the most productive activities for one year olds. Most soft blocks are water proof and can be given to babies when they take bath.