A Feng Shui Mirror Mistake To Avoid

You can find two forms of mirrors in feng shui. There is the Ba Gua mirror, that is never used inside the house but always outside. This mirror has 8 trigrams around its concave or convex surface and is a representation of the heavens. It is too powerful for an interior. The other type of mirror is the simple everyday mirror that is found in every home. These seemingly ordinary items can be put to good use to make a home more harmonious.

It is important to study the proper feng shui mirror placement in order to use mirror to the best advantage that we can get. We will look at what should be done and what must be avoided. Before hanging a mirror you should understand a few basic elements.

Energy is the first and last important element of feng shui. It must flow freely, mirrors are used to correct flow problems that can happen in any home.

You should never install a mirror facing the door that people use to come in and out of the house. Energy that would normally bring new life to the home would be pushed back to the outside. You can compare the energetic action of the mirror to the action of a sun ray on a shiny surface. It is considered that this placement of the mirror is harmful to your health.

If you need a mirror in the entryway, consider placing on the wall perpendicular to the door, not the one facing it.

If you really want something on that wall to open up the space, think about painting a trompe l’oeil image. You might also get it as wall sticker.

When visitors enter your home they get a feeling about it from the first thing they see, and it is usually what is facing the door. Most people are uncomfortable entering a house and seeing their own reflection as the first thing they see.

This basic mirror placement restriction is only for the front door and can be totally disregarded for interior doors.

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