Bipolar Disorder Symptoms in Children – Progressing into Adult Life

Bipolar disorder symptoms often present themselves very early in a person’s life. But it is often the case that parents will not report the symptoms to their doctor. This is borne out with some statistics. Bipolar disorder symptoms in adults are shown to have reached approximately 4.4% of the adult population of the world. Also, over 50% of adult sufferers have reported that they felt the signs and symptoms of the condition before they reached their 18th birthday. Yet, only 1% of sufferers were actually brought to the attention of a medical practitioner. That’s a discrepancy of over half of the sufferers.

One of the questions that any parent will want to have and said if they had a child who is suffering from the illness is when will their bipolar disorder symptoms in children die away. The answer to that is that unfortunately they will not in most cases. Once a child is diagnosed as having the illness they will carry the illness through to their adult lives. Also, they will maintain the illness throughout their adult lives.

The most important thing about this illness is to have it diagnosed as soon as possible. Often, the disease is misdiagnosed as unipolar disorder. Unipolar disorder is major depression. The reason for this is very simple, people generally don’t go to the doctor complaining of feeling very happy. If you can imagine the scenario … a person visits a doctor and says “Doctor you really have to help me. I’m feeling so happy today that I feel I’m going to burst! I just woke up this morning and I felt like jumping around the room with joy! I’m feeling absolutely positive and nothing in my life can ever go wrong again!” You will probably be to kicked out of the doctor’s office. Much research is being done into bipolar disorder symptoms and if you suspect that one of your children may be suffering from the condition you must bring it to the attention of your doctor immediately.