Durability vs. Decorations: Kas Oriental Rugs & Capel Rugs

Getting the most out of your rugs can be a big challenge. There are rugs that look great and add to the decor but that really cannot stand up to any form of wear and tear. Then there are those rugs that can withstand a hurricane and still do their job but are so ugly or tacky that you would want them near your house. Finding the balance of design and strength to suit the purpose they are needed for can be super hard.

Rugs should add to the decor of a home and add character. There many ways a rug can do that. One is through shape and design. You have your classic rectangles and ovals, but consider those that are super long or are squiggly. They can show that you have style and are different at the same time. Then their comes color. Choosing the right color is very important when getting a rug. One reason is that generally the rug is going to be there for a while so you should be able to like it for a long time. Get a color that blends in with the surrounding colors if you want it to be hidden like when you just want to use it to clean shoes or get a bright and vibrate color, or mixture of colors that stand out and shout you have class. The rugs style is also important because there are many different looks you can get from a rug, like earthy and woody, or cute and homey, or even oriental like Kas oriental rugs.

Durability is super important in a rug because who wants to keep buying new rugs for ones that wear out quickly. That is a waste of time and money. Rugs are meant to be walked on and even used to clean dirty shoes so they should be designed to be tough and withstand quite a beating. There are rugs made to almost suck dirt off like a vacuum or trap water and mud from spreading. They do their job well but lack any attraction other than they do their job well.

A strong rug will always do its purpose but may time they can be very void of color and personality. The rug industry is learning this and knows that there are those that want a good strong rug but still want it to be fun and decorative. There are many companies now offering brands that have a good balance of these two qualities, strength and style. KAS, Chandra, and Capel rugs are just a few of these brands. Now it is possible to achieve style and durability all in the same rug.