Behold the Asics Mexico 66 Sneaker

As decades go by, there are sneakers which are here today and gone tomorrow. Style and comfort play a huge role in them to be able to stick around. The Asics Mexico 66 is one particular such sneaker. This document was written to present an in-depth look and other info about this well-known shoe. We will check out the reason why this shoe is well-liked decades after its release.

1966 was the initial year that Asics Mexico 66 was released to the public. This was to match with 68 Olympics which were being held in Mexico . The year it was released it was an instant hit and the years subsequent to that, it became a different generations favorite shoe.

These types of athletic shoes, the Mexico 66, are usually used by men and women for jogging or walking. Over time this shoe has evolved into something that goes along well with casual wear. You’ve got people who wear them with denim jeans, shorts, dresses as well as suits. The cool style and appearance of the shoe allows it to be mixed and matched with just about anything. That is why many people love the shoe, because it is so versatile.

The shoe may be bought in a number of materials. The commonest ones are leather or suede. Whenever you look around the sneaker, you will see their trademarked stripes around the part. These stripes provide the sneaker a entirely awesome look, something people  love over the decades. The Asics Mexico 66 has developed through the decades to incorporate other style kinds into the line. There is an exclusive line for women, called the Tigress. There is also a Velcro type for individuals who don’t like shoelaces, called the Baja’s. These are all awesome and anyone that is a fan of the first one, will surely love these.

As the years pass by, there’s still likely to be a tremendous adoration for the Asics Mexico 66. The shoe looks really great and the design is love no other. If style is what the individual is searching for, then this really is the shoe to own. The sneaker has a great color selection and it’s so flexible. This certainly is a classic sneaker and for it to be popular 40 years later, speaks volumes about this shoe.