Deciding To Buy Some NERF Guns

I am sure you have heard some people say that playing with toy guns has a negative effect on children. This is a view that you may or may not share. I do not. This weekend I plan on going to the toy store with my son to find some cheap NERF guns for us to play with. I am planning on purchasing two. One for me and one for him. These have the potential to be some of the best toys that we can enjoy playing with together.

Obviously if you are not the sort of person who thinks that children should play with this sort of toy thenĀ  you might not really enjoy reading this article. To be honest with you, I am not exactly a gun lover. I do not think that shooting animals is something that should be done for sport. But I see a massive distinction between playing with toys that shoot foam darts and using machine guns to kill animals or people.

To be honest, I do not think that my son playing with NERF guns is going to make him become a violent person. There are so many other areas of parenting that I feel are much more important. Children need love and to feel safe as they grow up. Playing with parents is an important part of this.

Therefore I see our shopping trip to get our NERF guns as an exciting adventure for us both to star in. To good news for me as a parent is the fact that they do not cost all that much money, provided I do not choose the more expensive models.

There are actually a few choices as to where you can purchase these toys. Online might offer the lowest prices but I think that going to the toy store with my son will be more fun.