Gaming Is An Expensive Hobby

Keeping in touch with the latest technology is no joke and involves a lot of money. Every year our technology is changing. We humans are still exploring the possibilities of developing something advance that can make our life easier.

With today’s technology getting more advance so do the price to buy them. Take this as an example; you bought a new computer set with the latest hardware the market has to offer. The next thing you knew, a new kind of processors, video cards, cooling systems or any hardware were being manufactured and getting ready to be shipped 2 or 3 months after you bought your PC. By the time this was happening, you regret on buying your new computer and instead want to buy a better more powerful one. It is hard to keep up with technology these days.

From the early years of Windows 3.1 to the latest Windows 7 OS, from Intel’s Pentium MMX to the more powerful Intel Sandy Bridge Core i7 processors, from Nvidia’s Geforce 2 Series to the most advanced piece of GPU hardware, the GTX 580 from Nvidia. Being a PC enthusiast is an expensive hobby. You have to be up to date with the latest technologies. One person quoted this over the internet saying, “Once gaming becomes your hobby, you better save some money.”

Most gaming systems today are getting quite convenient and compact specially if you are always travelling or working away from home. Gaming laptops such as the Asus G73 lets you play the latest games on the highest settings without the need of a huge gaming rig. If you’re that person who just likes to play with flash games, facebook apps or not so power hungry 3D games, go for the Lenovo s10-3t hybrid laptop/PC tablet, not to mention you can access the internet anywhere provided there’s a Wi-Fi connection if you have these portable devices around.

You got to have the patience if you want to become a PC enthusiast. Patience in saving money and the right timing in buying the PC of your dreams. Wait for a price drop. Hey, it never hurts to wait not unless you’re a real hardcore gamer.