What Are the Models of Triple Bunk Beds?

Manufacturers produce several variations of triple bunk beds. There is a simple construction, with three bed frames stacked on top of one another. This variant is the most compact. Take care of the airing as the air above the upper bunk is warmer and drier. Put an older or calmer child in there. You also need to make sure that your kid whom you put in the upper bunk doesn’t suffer from somnambulism. There are kids who sleep soundly, but some need to get up at night to visit the plumbing. All these aspects should be borne in mind.

I like a model called triple loft bunk bed that ensures more air space above children’s heads, because the third bunk is at the right angle to the other 2 bunks, not above them. The set includes a locker for clothes and other items (which serves as a support for one side of the third bunk), tables, chairs. Despite all that, everything is very compact, there is an individual corner for each kid.

Quite interesting is also a variant called triple decker bunk beds. These beds are something like a chest of drawers in which the retractable drawers serve as separate bunks for kids. This version doesn’t require a high ceiling in the room; the height at which bunks for kids are located is relatively small. However, there are some drawbacks: every day you have to move in and out these bunks, otherwise there will remain very little space on the floor.

Calculate your “+” and “-” for each variant and for the manufacture material.

Metal triple bunk beds are the most popular from among triple bunk beds for sale, followed by popularity by wooden triple bunk beds. Triple bunk beds rarely contain combinations of different materials, sometimes they are made completely of plastic. Don’t be surprised and don’t be afraid of a relative lack of strength of this material for such construction. These triple bunk beds for kids are designed for babies and small animal toys, but sometimes a living little beastie cat really likes to sleep there!