Ideas for a young boys room.

We had the privilege of remodeling one of the rooms in our house recently. A new baby boy was on the way. I’ll share with you what we did in hopes that you may get an idea or two for your own boys bedroom. Our budget for this project is only $500 and we were able to keep it under budget. Though we have accrued, donated from a friend. This was a big help.

The first thing we did was, remove the old wall-to-wall carpet that was in the room. One of two things will happen when you remove old carpet, you either discover that the floors beneath are in wonderful condition, or you can install an inexpensive floating floor available from your local home center. We painted the room a baby blue color with one of the walls having 1 foot wide white stripes, giving it the feel of the inside of the circus tent. It really turned out well. We installed crown moldings around the perimeter of the ceiling. This rests also turned out beautifully, but is an option to chew can skip if you’re on a tight budget. The window coverings, a simple black rod with a light white set of drapes, which help to keep the room bright.

To contrast with the light colors on the walls. We went with darker furniture. We selected a dark stained wood for the crib, the rocking chair and foot rest and for fun, we added a junior sized roll top desk. It’s an unusual piece for small boys room, but really stand. So and makes a wonderful conversation starter. The final accent was a white bookcase, which sits in the corner of the room, and is already stocked with a nice supply of children’s literature.

The entire project only took a couple of days to put together. It’s a very simple do-it-yourself project that you shouldn’t have too much trouble with.