Tuscan Room Ideas for Kids

A Tuscan room for kids can be an elegant theme that can really be a space that your child can grow into just because it is so sophisticated. Plus, it can work with neutral carpet as well as wood architecture details. This is perfect if you want an integrated theme without really hurting the resell value of your home.

One thing that you’ll want to consider for younger kids is going to be a wall mural. Even if you aren’t a muralist you could probably paint a few block houses with red roofs on top of them. This could even be over an entire wall. The really fantastic thing about this design style is that it is going to use a lot of neutral colors in it such as white. This means that you can leave the rest of your walls plain for a light and airy look.

Another wall option is going to be to use a stone kind of finish that adds interest to any space with balcony furniture or a curved sofa. You can tape off blocks. Then just do stippling or sponge effects to replicate a natural stone. This isn’t the rustic cobble stone that you might be used to. Instead, it almost replicates a rough sandstone or brick. It again uses a lot of creams. This can almost work with a castle kind of theme as well.

The bedding is going to be one of your biggest challenges when decorating a Tuscan room for kids. Usually these are very opulent materials. However, it can be a little bit expensive or difficult to clean. Plus, these fabrics can also be difficult to find in twin size bedding. Instead, just go for a quality polyester that can mimic silk. You’ll want to shop in the adult bedding section for these because it’s not going to use the cheap cottons that you may be used to in kids bedding.