Kenai Doctors, the Angels of Emergency

It is always good to know that in Kenai Peninsula, emergency medical service is readily available when one needs it. One cannot predict an unexpected illness or injury. In times like this, what adds to the grievance is the anxiety and stress of waiting and standing in line to be attended to as well as the apprehension of how much the treatment will cost. At the Kenai Medical Center there is a walk-in urgent care emergency service with experienced well – trained Kenai doctors and emergency health personnel. These Kenai doctors are always on hand to attend to emergency patients requiring urgent care with sensitivity and attention to detail with or without an appointment especially for genuine emergencies. This and the assurance of an inexpensive and affordable treatment lessen the worry of patients and their relatives.

The Kenai Medical Center’s urgent care unit is well-equipped with the top of the line urgent care facilities and equipment like an X-Ray machine, Ultrasound machine and EKG equipment. Injuries like breaks, sprains and strain can be easily remedied by the Kenai doctors with dexterity and skill but also with extra care to ensure patient’s comfort. Minor surgeries and operations can also be performed at the urgent care unit of the Kenai Medical Center by these experienced Kenai doctors.

Some Kenai doctors and medical personnel at the urgent care unit of Kenai Medical Center are also bi-lingual. When the attending physician is not bi-lingual there are available emergency medical personnel who speak Spanish and can do translation so that Spanish speaking patients have an assurance that their complaints are accurately relayed to the attending Kenai doctors. It is such a comfort to know that urgent care service of this quality is accessible to the Kenai Peninsula community and at a very affordable price at that. This augurs for a more peaceful and tranquil existence at Kenai Peninsula.