The Best Funny Save The Dates Are Funny Save The Date Magnets

One of the most important steps in your wedding planning is actually announcing that you got engaged!  To do this, you will usually send out some sort of save the date card.  The best are funny save the dates and even better would be funny save the date magnets.

Using humor is the first key.  The reason why being funny is so important is that you are laying the groundwork to show that your actual wedding day will include some humorous moments.  This, of course, leads to laughing, which in turn portrays a good time to be had by all.  Sorry to be so basic regarding this particular obvious fact, but so many couples do not use humor and their save the dates fall flat.

We should consider that we might find it difficult to be funny, but no worries.  There are easy ways to make your wedding save the dates come across that way.  The best way to do this is with a picture on your funny wedding save the dates.  Act out one of your favorite pastimes you two do together, then add a funny caption along with the date of your upcoming nuptials, tell your friends and family to save the date and you have just created your humorous save the date magnets.

If you have trouble coming up with some concepts on your own, try asking some of your closest friends for some ideas.  Survey them and see what they believe defines you two as a couple you’ll find some great ideas that will make hilarious save the date magnets.  Make sure to tell them to be candid or you will not get the funny ideas and instead will receive generic “lovey dovey” things that no one will find funny. This is true whether you’re looking to create save the date magnets or even hilarious save the date cards.

The reason why you want to go with funny save the date magnets is because they work better than plain cards.  Save the dates of basic cardstock may get the point across but they don’t make that impact over and over, like a wedding magnet on a fridge!