Dining Room Color Ideas

If you’re looking for dining room color ideas, then I want to give you some thoughts about home decor tips that actually work and that you can live with for more than say, 5 minutes 🙂 So with this in mind let’s start by setting up a few ground rules, or rather let me tell you about the school of interior design that I come from so you can see right off the bat if we are kindred spirits when it comes to dining room decorating ideas. I come from the interior design school of hard knocks, by that I mean that I’ve come full circle and found myself back at the basics. I look to pare down and not to complicate. I look to minimalism and longevity, not opulence and excess. So let’s get started with some dining room ideas you can use.

Just a quick side note however. The book to the left is a terrific home decorating book that I highly recommend if you are looking for a complete book on home decorating and not just for dining room color ideas. This book gives you the full gamut of home decor ideas, whether you want to sell your home, freshen it up or totally revamp the decor, you’ll find solid, valuable advice in there. You can read more about it on Amazon.

Okay, one of the first thing to consider when looking for dining room color ideas is to see the complete picture. Your dining room is not separate from the rest of your house. As such, you need to bear in mind the overall feel and theme of your home. Now that can mean that your dining room color schemes can be dichotomous to the rest of the house, although this is a harder decorating approach to pull off successfully.

Generally for most clients I recommend dining room ideas that are congruous with the rest of the home, and certainly with the rest of the common living room areas. So you want a broad theme swatch across your living room, dining room and kitchen. So dining room paint color ideas should meld well or play well with the rest of the common living space areas. They don’t even have to be tonally similar but they must play well together. For example, blue and orange do not play well together, but blue and yellow do play well together.