Different kinds of Appetizers for a Boat Party, Trip or Ride

Parties are always exciting. It is usually organized because of there is a cause and reason for celebrating, which needs to be shared to as many people as possible. Everybody’s familiar with a party, and it is certainly safe to say that everyone likes being in one. Whatever the occasion or reason for it, a party will always bring joy and enjoyment to the lives of people who attend and take part in it. It does not matter how old you are, what matters is that you have the capacity to enjoy and appreciate all the fun and merriment that is around you. When you are in a party, you tend to forget about the negative things in life, the problems and stressful situations that tend to weigh you down.

An especially nice venue for a party is a boat. You get to go on a relatively short cruise, where you enjoy the company of friends and the amenities that are also on the boat. It might be more than just a simple party, as it might actually be a short trip or ride to scenic destinations and choice places. Such a trip or ride is perfect when you are with your closest friends and you are off to celebrate something or to simply bond with each other. The same goes for the family, whenever you go out to have a great time with each other. And the thing that’s sure to make it all more special is the food. Yes, the food would indeed make the boat party or trip much more exciting and memorable. You can bet that great appetizers for a boat party, trip or ride will really make the event special.

Appetizers for the Ride

Whether you are going to be on a boat party that’s going to be overnight or on a boat trip that will last the whole weekend, you’d love to know what great appetizers you could have. Riding and partying and of course, eating, what else could be better than that?

Here are a couple of examples along with the recipes:

• Ham & Cheese Ball (good for 12 to 15 persons) – 1 cup ground smoked ham, 2 pkg. softened crema cheese (8 ounces), 2 teaspoons dried parsley flakes, 1 tbl grated onion, half a cup of finely chopped pecans, half a teaspoon of seasoned pepper
– Simply combine the first five ingredients in a mixing bowl. Chill for half an hour to an hour while covered. Afterwards, shape the mixture into a ball and coat with chopped nuts. Refrigerate after wrapping with a plastic wrap. Serve chilled.
• Dried Beef Roll Ups – Whipped cream cheese, a jar of dried beef rounds, miniature sweet gherkin pickles
– First, place the rounds assembly style on the counter. Spread over with cream cheese and place the pickle on one edge and then roll it up. Put on serving tray and then fold the side down. Wrap and then seal before putting in the fridge.