Illuminating and Going Green at the same time with Solar Driveway Lights

They say that the darkness is the lair of the devil. It’s true. Just compare a dark house to a well lighted house, which do you think would most probably get robbed?   What’s the solution? Install a solar driveway light. It’s green, it’s stylish and it’s economical too.  That’s a tough combination to beat, especially in this economy.

HomeBrite Solar Lights- Sold in sets of six, these plastic lights provide adequate amount of illumination in your driveway. No wiring or plugs are needed for this. Find a spot and stake them into the ground. It automatically lights up at dusk and turns off at dawn. It’s sold at Home Depot for $34.99.

Solar eClips Light String- Make your driveway look like a runway with these pretty little lights. Each of the strings contain 14 LED lights. It has stakes included so you can easily stake it into the ground. It also turns automatically on and off and runs up to eight hours if fully charged. It’s sold at

Unique Arts Solar Driveway Markers- For those with poor eyesight, these 32-inch high stainless steel posts will never give you a hard time again. It can also endure bad weather conditions and still provide light on dull days. Each post is sold individually for $69.95 at

Unique Arts Lamp Post- Bring back the Victorian era with this 7-foot lamp post which contains 8 LED lights in each lamp. With these lights, your driveway will be unique in your neighborhood. There are three types: the single lamp which costs $219.95, the double lamp for $299.95 and the triple lamp for $379.95. All types are available at

In addition to making your driveway safe, a solar driveway light also helps guests or visitors find your home. It does not add up to your electricity bill and it’s solar which means it is eco-friendly.