The Best Plants for the Bathroom

The usual bathroom has conditions that might be considered to be close or approaching that of a tropical setting. It meets three requirements, first of all it is humid, and then it’s dark and has low light level. All these conditions actually makes the bathroom an ideal place for growing plants. Having plants in any room inside your home can bring its share of benefits. First of all they can beautify the room. They can add a certain touch to a place that can make it look appealing. Then there is the fact that plants can remove certain contaminants from the air making it fresh and better for breathing.

Now if you want to change the way that your house looks liked here are some of the best plants for the bathroom:

  • Chinese Evergreen- This type of indoor plant is very durable and can put up with a lot of conditions that other types of plants might be unable to handle. This is the reason why they have long been considered to be a favourite as a plant used inside a house. Chinese evergreen can grow slowly but are so hardy that it can live for decades if you take care of it in the right way. This type of plant grows best under moderate light. Don’t place it directly under sunlight and it cannot handle very cold temperatures very well, that is why it is ideal as a plant for use indoors.
  • Aloe Vera- Many cultures consider the Aloe Vera to be a medicinal plant that brings in a lot of benefits. The gel that you can get from the leaves when you break them open can do a lot of things in treating wounds and burns. Aloe Vera is very easy to take care of as well. It needs very little attention and it can grow perfectly in an indoor setting. You only have to water this plant twice every week because like the cactus it does not need too much watering. Like the cactus too it needs a lot of light it has to be placed near a window or an opening where there can be a lot of sunlight flooding in. They can grow very fast and you may have to switch them over to bigger pots as you go along.

  • African Violet- If you want a plant that produces beautiful flowers then the African Violet should be on top of your list. It is a common house plant used today. There are many varieties used for this plant and the colour of the flowers range from the usual pink to violet and blue. They grow best under moderate light. In caring for this type of plant it is usually wise to keep the ground wet or moist. Another thing to remember about African Violets is that you have to avoid getting the leaves wet as that leaves white spots there damaging the appearance of the leaves.

Those are just some of the best house plants that you can use in the bathroom.