The Benefits of Minimal Running Shoes

There was a time when humans did not wear shoes. Our ancestors went barefoot and the soles of their feet became hard and resistant and was able to protect them from stones and everything that you could find on the ground. These days however you go barefoot outside and people would look at you like you are some crazed hippie and if you do that, you probably are one. Besides, just try walking barefoot outside and the soles of your feet will be full of blisters in no time at all. We have lost partial use of our feet and we could no longer go on with any footwear for long.

There has been some research lately that has proven that walking and running barefoot has benefits. They conducted studies on people who still go on without using any footwear and professional runners. The researches have discovered that there is distinct difference in the way that the natives would run and the way that the shoe wearing runners would hit the ground. Running barefoot can actually reduce the chances of being injured by allowing the feet to hit the ground in a more natural way.

This is where minimal running shoes come into the picture. A minimal running shoe aims to provide you with a feeling that is next to running barefoot. Since it would not be practical to run around without any footwear these days, then why not make the thinnest shoes possible that would simulate the feeling of walking and running without any foot wear at all. The feeling of wearing minimal shoes might be a little strange at first since we re not used to such thin soles but once you have overcome the strange sensation, the benefits that you can get are all real.

Here are a few of the best minimal running shoes available today:

1. Keen A86 TR Trail- This shoe is actually a halfway between a real minimal shoe and a traditional footwear. Very light and breathable which makes it perfect for trail running. Price- $90.00

2. Merrell Barefoot Pace Glove- This shoe was designed to help people who are just starting on barefoot running. Some users say that it is more comfortable when walking and gets a little too tight once you start running. Still others find it to be a great shoe for the outdoors. Price- $100.00

3. New Balance Minimus- A great shoe from a great brand, this model is also designed to break in a runner to barefoot running. Price- $100.00

4. Vibram Five Fingers Bikila LS- These are the ultimate shoes when it comes to barefoot running. They do not bear any resemblance to other types of footwear. They have the toes separate from each other. It feels strange wearing this footwear for the very first time. Barefoot footwear can not get any further than this. Price- $100.00

Pick one from these great shoe models, you could start from the intermediate ones to prepare your feet for the Vibram Five Finger type of footwear or you could go for those right away.