How to Remove Blackheads and Prevent Bad Acne Scars

Our skin has many pores and follicles that are capable of storing several substances such as oil and dirt that we come in contact with from the environment. These build-ups will go through oxidation once it is exposed to air and will eventually turn into dark-colored skin problems later on which is commonly called blackheads. Several people have good skin care maintenance which prevents them from blackheads formation. However, certain skin types and environmental factors will not exempt you from getting these skin problems. Smart tips on how to remove blackheads are briefly provided below so you can take care of your skin with little expense.
Bad acne scars are often a complication of skin irritation and infection due to wrong methods of removing blackheads in the skin, especially in the face. If you are used to pricking your blackheads to get them out then you should get rid of that horrid habit because you might be pushing your skin too far and will eventually develop to acne and bad acne scars in the future.
You can actually make your own home remedy on how to remove blackheads in a healthy and skin-friendly way. Gather around needed ingredients such as lime or lemon, honey and get yourself a non-harsh soap with less alkalinity. Squeeze your lime and set aside the juice. Gently clean your face with soap and water. You can also apply warm water for rinsing to allow your pores to expand, to allow better penetration of lime juice. Apply lemon or lime juice on the face where blackheads are usually growing. After a couple of minutes, rinse it with tepid water. You can make use of the honey as a facial treatment and spa to help get rid of the remaining dirt and blackheads.
There are also medications which can help prevent and eliminate blackheads and acne such as Benzoyl peroxide, Retin-A and Accutane. Although these treatments can be avail without prescription from medical professionals, you might still want to consult your specialist if you are planning to take the treatment course with these medications.