Attractive patio lights to decorate your outdoor living space

Across most societies of the world today, the patio is viewed as an extension to the living room. Families are very often seen spending quality time together on the patio, particularly in the evenings. Lighting options for patios are therefore available in abundance across cities and suburbs. Several types of patio lights are used both for their functional and decorative purposes. Amongst these the most common types are domed or mushroom lights. Also commonly known as scooped lights, they reflect light downwards thereby illuminating the ground. Typically, they consist of a scooped lamp shade mounted on a short pole. The scoop shape not only assists in reflecting the light downwards, but also keeps it from shining unpleasantly into the eyes of people in close proximity to the light.

Another common type of outdoor patio light is the tiered or louvered light. Designed once again to keep the lights directed downwards, it consists of several levels of shades, giving it a tiered look. For a patio surrounded with a lot of wall space, permanent lighting fixtures in the form of light scones are found to be very effective. Though slightly uncommon, some people make the use of floodlights, or even spotlights, in their patio. Meant primarily to illuminate the area, these types of lights are mostly used to highlight an event or a special occasion.

Some forms of specialty deck lighting, primarily to lend a decorative effect to the patio, include string lights, lanterns, and even hanging lamps. The most common application for string lights in a patio is along the steps, or even intertwined along the railing of the patio. If you have a shade umbrella, you could also use patio umbrella lights, which give a very gentle glow. Hanging lamps and metal lanterns of different frame sizes and colors are forms of contemporary lighting that can add a rustic feel to the environment while throwing a gentle soothing glow in the patio.