Effects Of The New Diet Pill

The weight loss industry is continually trying out new ways on how to make weight loss easier, more convenient, yet safer. After the release of earlier diet pills which had major side effects caused the death of a few people, more companies prioritized safety first over effectiveness. Now, it is equally important to make pills that have the least side-effects as those that work relatively quick. If before diet pills aim to liquefy and disintegrate excess fat cells from the body, now the new diet pill aims to help people lose weight by making them feel full always.

People become hungry when the hypothalamus releases hormones that travel down to a person’s liver. This creates the unpleasant feeling we know as hunger. When we’re hungry, we eat; and after we’re full, that annoying hunger pang disappears magically. However, research now shows that hunger is an automatic process that happens every few hours so in reality, there are times when we are hungry but don’t really need to eat. The body itself can survive for many days without food, however most people don’t last that long because the feeling of hunger tends to be too great.

Any weight loss solution, so long as it is sound, can also help patients trying to eliminate cellulite. With the new diet pill, the brain is tricked into thinking that it is full always, because it suppresses the hypothalamus from creating the “hunger” hormone. If people don’t feel hungry, they won’t feel the need to eat as often. Although this may literally sound like starving oneself, as long as a person remembers to eat three square meals a day, it won’t make the person feel weak and lacking in energy. Some pills which work this way include Contrave and Lorcaserin. As proof of the pill’s safety, most pills like these have already been approved by the FDA. However, this pill cannot be taken by everyone and it is still very much recommended that one see a doctor and get his/her permission to start using the new diet pill.