Helpful Advice For Affordable Wedding Photography

A tight budget is a problem that exists for many couples planning a wedding.  Having affordable wedding photography becomes of utmost importance for couples with this problem.  One popular way that many deal with the problem is to get an amateur photographer friend to do their wedding photos.

For those couples not impacted by a tight budget, having a friend take pictures in addition to a professional photographer is a good idea to embrace.  If you check around, you will likely discover numerous wedding nightmare stories involving a professional photographer.  Being disappointed with poor quality pictures, the photographer is disruptive to the ceremony when trying to get a shot and guests becoming upset because the photographer is hindering their view, are stories often told.

Below you will find some helpful advice for affordable wedding photography that is geared toward using an amateur photographer friend for your wedding day photographer:

1.  Consider backups and plan accordingly.  Equipment needs to be in good condition and ready to use on the wedding day.  Checkout the batteries and bulbs and be sure everything is good.  Also, backups in regard to batteries and bulbs need to be planned, so accessibility is easy in case these items are needed.  Make plans to have backup equipment at hand, as well.  Murphy’s law is definitely a thorn in the side, so plan accordingly.

2.  Equipment familiarity is important.  If equipment is rented or borrowed, be sure care full familiarization with all aspects of the equipment exists.

3.  Light sources need to be pinpointed.  Get with the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be and set up a time several days before the wedding to look over the location.  During this visit consider light sources and the impact of these sources on the pictures.   The glare coming from eyeglasses, room lights and windows are sources to note.

4.  The photo involves more than the bride and groom.  Many amateur photographers become use to taking pictures in an environment that is controlled.  At weddings this is not possible.  Make a conscious effort to be aware of what is going on in the room.  Many photos have been ruined by the background activity.

Of utmost importance to a bride-to-be is being able to keep track of everything that is happening, such as meetings with the florist or photographer.  A very popular resource that is used by many, as they make their wedding plans, is a wedding planning organizer book.  Normally these organizers are very affordable and should be considered a must have resource.