Frigidaire Refrigerators And Freezers Present the Frigidaire Professional Series Duo

Electrolux, the manufacturer of a wide range of Frigidaire refrigerators for the home, is one of the more popular appliance manufacturers in the country. If you currently do not own a Frigidaire fridge or freezer, odds are that one of your neighbors or friends do.

If you’re looking for a new high-quality refrigerator freezer unit for your home, the Frigidaire Professional Series Duo is well worth a look. This particular model is cleverly designed to be a counter depth refrigerator freezer. For those who are not familiar with this style, the dimensions of unit are specified in such a manner that the front of the refrigerator is level with the front of standard kitchen cabinetry.

This style of fridge is very popular amongst homeowners who are very conscious of the style and looks of the kitchen. Counter depth fridges do not break up the lines of the kitchen, giving it is sleeker and more attractive look. They also had the added vantage of not cluttering up your kitchens thoroughfares, which makes it a lot easier for people to walk through and around the kitchen.

Visually Frigidaire Professional Series Duo is very attractive. This genuine stainless steel doors, and also stainless steel door handles. This fridge also has an optional trim set which allows you to provide a full stainless steel front for the entire unit to mimic a true built-in refrigerator.

Many counter depth fridge freezers are short on space to the constraints imposed on the depth of the units. This particular model has a relatively generous storage capacity considering the form factor; this makes it a particularly appealing appliance to own.

Anyone seeking an attractive unit from the range of counter depth Frigidaire refrigerators and freezers should seriously consider purchasing one of these very attractive and highly functional models. You are likely to regret it.