Laser Liposuction – Quicker, Safer and a Lot More Effective

Liposuction is a surgical method that involves a device that sucks out fats. A surgeon will mark the desired part and place incisions on strategic locations, tiny incisions that are small enough not to leave ugly scars. This is where they would insert the device which is made up of a suction cannula that has openings or holes in it. It would then literally suck out subcutaneous fatty tissues and remove it out of your body to get rid of it. It also has an injection line with an injection opening which is used for applying or injecting the working fluid.

This procedure is called traditional or conventional liposuction. The newer method is what we call Laser liposuction. This procedure utilizes thermal and photomechanical energy to literally melt the fats away and suction it out of your body. It is a new addition to the conventional method which makes it much more effective than ever. Also, it intensifies skin tightening. This is done through the process of tissue coagulation which is the result of the usage of laser. The new method was approved back in the year 2006 but sources tell us that this procedure was recorded way, way back in 1994.

This method is indeed the quickest way to get rid of fat. Plus, the improvement or the new version made it a lot safer and much more effective. The usage of laser allows it to melt away more fats enabling the device to suction more fatty substance compared to the old methods of doing it. Also the cost of laser lipo is much lower than the traditional method. This is probably the reason why there are lots of people who would prefer this method over anything else. Besides, with all these features; safety, efficiency and economic, who wouldn’t?
So if you think everything don’t seem to work, this would be your best option.