What is Market Samurai?

Market Samurai -and its new affiliate contest- are the newest buzz on the internet. But chances are that you wonder what ‘Market Samurai’ actually is. In short words, it is a piece of software that helps you, completely legitimate btw, to find profitable niches to build money making websites around. And no, I am not speaking about the kind of websites that got recently the big, sloppy Google slap in the (in)famous MayDay update, I am speaking of legitimate sites that promote real products and real services. Market Samurai helps you to find the right keywords for your website, to promote them and to monitor their fate in the SERPentines.

Let me give you an example, many moons ago I created a Squidoo lens with the name ‘webcharity’, I wanted to promote web sites with it that allow you to do good whilst being online. A noble goal, but one point I missed completely was that nobody actually searches for a term like ‘webcharity’ ;-( Market Samurai would have helped me greatly with this, if I had owned it at that time, that is! Today it is just as easy for me as using a seed word and starting to generate related keywords, evaluating how many times they are searched for and their competition and I am good to go in creating the next web article, charitable, money making or both! Oh, and the contest you ask?

Until today, Market Samurai’s affiliate program was only available by invitation (I was lucky to get one last year) but from Monday on it will be open to everyone! For the next two weeks every sales new and old affiliates refer will count towards the grand prize of over US$4000 in Apple products, plus dozens of ipads, iphones etc in minor prices. That and the 48% sales commission they pay makes this a VERY attractive affiliate program on the market! Little catch, you have to own the full version to take part in it, funnily enough they only want to have people to promote their product that use it also! Makes sense, doesn’t it?