Results Based Leadership: Teamwork In The Workplace

Many of us find it desirable to foster teamwork in our places of work. And indeed, lots of organizations have started to take steps in building better work teams. Not only is teamwork desirable, it can also help much in the survival of the organization. Through teamwork, different members of the organization are able to recognize the value of the exchange of ideas from rank and file employees to managers, and from managers to rank and file employees.

Through this, brainstorming for solutions is not only limited to executives and managers, but can involve even shop floor employees. And this involvement can in turn make employees realize that they too own that idea or decision and therefore, will have better chances of getting involved in the implementation of and compliance with the agreed solution.

So how is teamwork in the workplace built or developed? The support and backing of senior management is necessary in building work teams. If they are not involved in the team building process, miscommunication and misunderstandings are likely to occur. A good example of this is when a manager expects much from certain team but that manager does not have an idea of what exactly the team is doing and going through because there is no effort to follow up on the work team.

To start building a team, leaders and managers should determine which tasks can be grouped together, which tasks have similarities and which tasks can be done to complement another. The required manpower to accomplish specific tasks must also be determined. In doing so, leaders and managers should check if an employee is indeed capable of carrying out a given task or group of tasks.

An organization that values results based leadership can easily understand the impact of team bonding to the development of work teams. Teams must not only be built – different members of the team must also have a full understanding of their role and how their decisions an actions can affect their teammates. While some experts do not advocate team bonding, this kind activity can have a positive impact on the different relationships that exist within a team.

At the end of the day, it is still important that leaders, managers, and other members of the organization are able to do their share in fostering teamwork in the workplace. Without the right kind of teamwork, common goals and objectives will remain as visions that have little chances of being turned into reality.