Using Garden Structures to Personalize your Landscape

When designing your new backyard’s landscape Dallas, you need to not only think about plant species selection and changes in gradient and elevation, but also structures that will define the elegant space you want your garden to be.  The structure you choose sets the mood of the garden more than any one plant or flower bed.  The differentiation lies between two basic garden types: formal and informal.  For instance, a wrought iron fence sets an entirely different tone than mesquite-limb fencing with barbed wire.  The great thing about designing your new garden space is that the options available to you are limited only by the imaginations of you and your designer.  Discarded items such as only rail road ties and scrap metal can be used with striking effects, whether creating raised barrier or an elegant trellis from which to drape flowering vines.  If you do not have the budget to go with a large, all at once style installation process, you can just as easily buy small items and strategically place them one piece at a time around the garden, such as small gnomes, Buddhas, and cast stone mushrooms.  Stained glass hanging structures capture the light and refract in interesting and engaging ways during the morning and afternoon.  Arbors can be constructed of a variety of materials, and once covered sufficiently with vines and other hanging plants become an enclosed structure unto themselves, creating a majestic effect.  These structures can be used to draw the eye toward the parts of your garden you would like to emphasize, and just as easily divert viewer’s attention away from areas you would like to remain out of view, such as storage sheds, pool pump assemblies, and power boxes.  Your landscape designer and installer will show you that you have many great ideas and options available to you during your design process.