How To Perform A Proper Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are a great way to make any space look a little better. They also protect sensitive floors from damage from furniture. While these rugs provide a great source of decoration and can often help maintain floors they also tend to get dirty pretty easy. There are some measures that you can take to keep them from getting dirty in the first place and also to clean them after they become dirty.

One of the best ways to keep your rug from becoming dirty is to take off your shoes when coming in the house. Removing your shoes will keep dirt from getting tracked very far at all. If you can get this practice down there will be much less need for you to clean any of the rugs in your home.

There are many ways to tell if your rug needs serious cleaning or if a simple vacuuming can take care of the problem. Lift the edge of the rug up and kick it sharply. If a large cloud of dust arises it needs to be seriously cleaned. If on the other hand there is only a little bit of dust then a simple vacuuming will suffice. Rub your palm against the rug vigorously for 5 seconds and look at your hand. If it is dirty then you should clean the rug.

After you know how to clean your rug you will be able to do it easily whenever it is necessary. The first step to a proper oriental rug cleaning is to bring the rug to a garage or out in the driveway where it is nice and sunny. This location will keep your house from getting dirty and you will be able to use a good amount of water without worrying about getting carpets wet.

Vacuum both sides of your rug very well. Now shampoo both sides of the rug with cool water and a gentle detergent or shampoo. It is important to make sure that it is not going to damage the rug. Scrub your rug firmly for a few minutes. After you are done shampooing wash the fringes of the rug as well. Now rinse the rug with cool running water. Wring out all of the excess water in the rug or you can squeegee it. Lay the rug out to dry and flip when the top finally dries out. You now have a very clean rug and should be able to avoid cleaning it for a few months.