Who Decides The Placement Of Ceiling Vents For Air Conditioner?

Most people would prefer the person who designed the placement of vents for air conditioner be the homeowner ordering the installation or contractor who building the house. In reality it is often the air conditioner specialist who was consulted on the size of the air conditioner to be purchased. This specialist is trained in how to maximize the benefits of the products he or she sells and part of this maximize is the efficiency of the air distribution systems.

Inefficient or poorly installed ductwork can reduce the efficiency of the air conditioning unit to 60 to 75% or less. Properly designed and installed systems can boost the efficiency to 80% or more for little or no more cost. This can save the homeowner $100 or $200 or more a year in cooling costs. These professionals will make suggestions regarding the location of the ceiling vents; the homeowner should carefully analyze their decorating plans and the way they live in the home and ask for any adjustments they need to maximize their comfort and usability of each room.

Air conditioning vent covers can have an unique design that distributes the air flow four different ways. Ideally this vent should be in the center of the room allowing the cold air to be moved equally towards all four corners keeping all parts of the room uniform in temperature. This interferes with overhead lights if they are placed in the center of the room. Occasionally special consideration needs to be given; an air conditioning vent that blows cold air directly on a kitchen range reduces the heat when the stovetop is being used, increases the cook’s temperature and leads to many adamant discussions about turning the air conditioning off during dinner preparation time.

Large rooms or odd shaped rooms may require several ceiling vents for uniform and adequate cooling; these may be placed around the exterior of the room. There are conditioning specialist will design the most efficient series of ductwork and vents for the space. The rooms with more activity, appliances or people will require a larger volume of cool air to keep them comfortable and may require more than one vent.

The right placement of air conditioning vents in the ceiling makes living in the house and being in the rooms comfortable. Considerable thought should be given as to the use of each room and where the furniture and appliances will be placed. Keeping the whole room cool and comfortable is the purpose of installing air conditioning.