Shedding More Light On Ceramic Teapots

Ceramic teapots are containers which are created and made of ceramic and are used for steeping tea in hot water. Usually, these teapots are hand painted and have an opening and a lid, where water and tea are added. They have a spout for serving the tea, as well as a grip for picking up the teapot. Ceramic teapots have openings at the top within the lid, so as to allow air access inside. Allowing air inside the pot helps prevent the spout from dripping or splashing when one is serving tea. It is advisable for one to use connoisseurs of tea, to rinse the ceramic teapots with some boiling water before one makes any tea in them, or even pouring some. By rinsing the pot with the hot water, one gets rid of remains of tea that may have stacked inside. This also warms the teapot and makes it ready to be used.

Before buying any ceramic teapots, it is worth noting that they come in different dimensions, which may range from 5.5 oz, to 32 oz for the larger teapots. With these ceramic teapots, one can use them to serve tea or even coffee. This is to say that even tea bags and loose leaf tea can be poured from these teapots. However, when using loose leaf, one needs a strainer or tea filter in case the teapot does not have its own.

Ceramic teapots, much as they are meant to mostly serve tea, can also be used to serve hot apple cider, or mulled wine. Traditionally, most teapots come in circular shapes, but nowadays, this is gradually changing. One can get teapots that with various dimensions and shapes, like Santa clauses, frogs, roosters, fish, or types of fruits. However, depending on individual tastes and preferences, it is up to anyone to decide which shapes to opt for and what sizes suit them.