Why Acer Netbooks Lead the Netbook Wars

Acer is a computer brand that was founded by Stan Shih and other businessmen in 1976. It was called Multitech back then, whose only main game is supplying machine parts and electronics. Soon in the 80’s, the company was rechristened as Acer company.

Along with the name-change, Acer has since changed the computer industry game. Since then, Acer had created various computers such as desktop computers, laptops that designed to place the company as an authority in computers. In 1994 to 1995, the company has become the ninth biggest computer makers worldwide. The company has trumped other major computer manufacturers such as Hewlett- Packard, Dell and Toshiba.

And the Acer winning and leading tradition is carried on to the internet age as new innovations have been enthusiastically headed by the company. In the recent years, the newest technology of a computer put in a small and solid netbook has ushered in a new age in portable laptops and internet computing. And in the same vein, Acer netbooks have become available beginning with the slick and powerful Acer Aspire 1.

As other brands touted their netbooks as mini laptops, Acer coined theirs as an “internet device” rather than a laptop. This revolutionary idea had confirmed the long been debated theory of “cloud computing”, where a person can do all his business processes, and store them in the internet.

Acer netbooks are not only portable, solid and intelligent, as they provide web access in a user-friendly, slick, svelte package with an array of colors to choose from – but these netbooks are also light enough to put inside a purse for busy career-girls who want to stay connected even when not at home. These computers can be carried in a small case by a busy executive, and since the netbooks are very light in the bag and light in the pocket, Acer netbooks are a great tool for students as well as an extra computer for travelers.

What’s in an Acer netbook? As mentioned, the device is used for internet browsing with its WiFi ready capabilities and connection. The Acer Aspire one netbook is also perfect for listening to music, looking at photos and videos and basic tools. The Aspire also prides itself for being powered with Intel Atom processor.

With internet connectivity as among the netbook’s strongest suits, Acer has devised their netbooks with a very impressive longer battery life. One can sit in a café with an internet connection (usually WiFi), work and surf the internet for more than five hours! This breakthrough technology has put Acer in the forefront of convenient and premium mobility for optimum internet browsing and processing. One of the latest netbook model from Acer, the Aspire One 521, even comes with high definition capability which allows user to play 1080p movies and output it to a HDTV through HDMI port.

Soon, several technological advancements will be unveiled by Acer. And because of sheer value for making technology more accessible, Acer now leads the netbook manufacturing, technology and innovation worldwide. The biggest competitor for Acer in the netbook market is Asustek, another Taiwan company that’s specialize in making netbook. Their latest netbook model, Eee PC 1015PED, does come with excellent quality that can compete with the Acer netbooks. In order to win the war, Acer will need to continue to improve the features and quality of their netbooks.