Problems that may arise with your flower girl dresses

You area getting ready for the big day. Someone you love is getting married and your children were chosen to be the flower girl and ring bearer,The excitement in the children is indescribably and you are pretty excited yourself. Then reality sets in and you remember that you are in charge of getting the dresses. You’re not sure if they are going to be more like bridal flower girl dresses or casual like but, whatever the case its your headache.

You have a couple of choices as to how you will get the dresses. The first choice is if the bride will give you the material that she wants the flower to use for her flower girl dress. Then you have to take it to a seamstress to have it custom made. The problems that can arise with that scenario are is this a good seamstress, is she available when your daughter is available to be fitted. You also have to make sure she allows you to come back for many fittings to make sure that it fits well.

Another problem with having dresses made by a seamstress is that if the wedding is planned a year in advance like it normally is, then by the time the wedding rolls around it may not fit your daughter any more. That is why it is a delicate balancing act. You’ve got to make sure its made with enough time to make changes yet not too far in advance so that she will grow out of it.

Sizing of the dresses is also a problem if you are buying dresses online. Even if you know your daughters size and have bought her clothing online before, you must give this enough time as well. If you purchase too close too the wedding and the dresses don’t fit then you will lose precious time sending the dresses back and forth.

All in all, the main problems that usually arise is ordering too early or too late to ensure that the dresses fit well. Once that is all taken care of you can then worry about small things like flower girl and ring bearer gifts that the bride would like to give to the children.