Tighten Your Home Security System

Applying a home security system is of great help to have a safe place to live in. Most of home burglaries are done by amateur thieves so installing a reliable security system is a good advantage. Once you have installed a home security system, you have to test its effectiveness and make sure it is working well. There are some simple home security tips that you have to consider.

Testing your own security system is a good way to discover any weakness. By this you can improve and add more security system to increase the level of security in your home. Make sure that you have locked your doors and windows every time you go out even only for a short time. These are the favorite entry point of thieves. When you move into a new house, see to it that you have changed all the locks. Check the wiring of your alarm system and cctv monitor and conceal it as much as possible. Professional thieves will do everything to disconnect your alarm system once they have noticed it. Always check the system for defects and fix them as soon as possible.

Change your locks once you have lost your keys. You can sleep soundly at night because you will not be thinking that somebody might use it to enter your house. It is also not advisable to leave spare keys on mailbox, on the garage, or under the doormat. Almost everybody is practicing it and burglars know these locations very well.

Dogs are also an effective way to deter burglars. Thieves hate dogs because they can easily detect intruders. Burglars don’t want to draw attention because of their presence and dogs are good in detecting them.

Deadbolt locks are effective in countering loiding experts. Loiding is the procedure in depressing the latch tongue thereby unlocking the door.