Got RAM? How To Convert VHS To DVD Without Breaking Your Computer

So, how do you convert VHS to DVD without breaking your computer in the process? That is a good question. If you are going to be dealing with a whole lot of video, you are going to be dealing with a whole lot of data! Data means you need disk space and RAM. Well, at least your computer needs it. As a home video editor, you are going to need both of these resources for your computer and you need to face the facts. Read on!

After you VHS transfer DVD, you need to think about all the video editing you are going to do. But before you can make the first cut, you have to be sure your computer is ready. You may be ready – but it may not be. You might need to add more memory or disk space to your faithful PC or Mac so get ready. Video editing can just plain exhaust all of your computer’s existing resources. RAM and Disk Space, people! RAM and Disk Space!

  1. RAM is the first thing you need a lot of for your video editing project. Without enough RAM (or memory) you will be dead in the water. You can never have enough of it! If you do not have enough RAM for all that video, your computer processes are just going to come to a halt. It will be as if a turtle is crossing the Sahara desert!
  2. Disk space! If you do not have enough disk space for all of those video files, your computer is just going to crash. So many computers do not have enough disk space for heavy digital video editing because videos take up an enormous amount of disk space. Here are some solutions.
    1. Buy more disk space.
    2. Buy an external hard drive.

So, how to convert VHS to DVD? It doesn’t matter how as long as you have enough RAM and memory you are covered. Good luck on your conversion and your video editing.