Phoenix Security: Tips On Choosing A Gun Safe

A gun safe or a weapon safe is similar to any other freestanding burglary safe,  however Phoenix security specialists point out that gun safes are special in that they have a compartment specially designated to accommodate your household weapons. Gun safes are usually sturdily made with solid steel doors and walls. With gun safes, it is important to keep in mind that you really often do get what you pay for.  According to Phoenix security experts, making the investment in a high-quality gun safe is important because you want to ensure that you’ll have a safe that cannot be easily broken into by burglars or even your children.

Without at least a basic steel structure, a gun safe is liable to be broken open quite effortlessly, whatsoever its seller may have advertised to you about its security features. A good gun safe should have a minimum of ¼ inch thick solid steel body and ½ an inch thick solid steel door.

Many safe manufacturers try to fool potential customers with robust looking safes, which Phoenix security authorities point out may be nothing but safes akin to local ones and made of thin metal sheets wrapped around different kinds of dry walls to make them look very tough. They do this, as steel is an expensive metal to use for building the safe. Added to this will be the shipping charges they have to bear while passing the safe to a reseller. Hence, always check for the thickness of the gun safe that you are going to buy lest it be made out of thin metal sheet wrapped around wood.

The weight of the safe is one way to judge a safe about its protection against burglary and fire. A quality safe built out of solid steel will significantly weigh more, according to Phoenix security specialists. Its thickness should be in totality and not just about its door. Check even the barrier material, safe dial, inner bolt work and airspace available in the safe. Get informed about the industry standard protection rating system for safes. Phoenix security companies highly suggest purchasing a gun safe with true solid walls that have concrete amalgamated fire cladding. Such a safe can withstand hazards related to fire and burglary.

Last but not the least, check thoroughly for its locking system. A good gun safe should have a lock manufactured by reputed lock manufacturers to serve you for a long period with trouble free operation.