Natural And Artificial Eyelash Growth Explained

Having longer and fancier eyelashes is an advantage when it comes to beauty. People who have longer eyelashes are noticeably beautiful. They would most of the time stand out among the crowd during parties and other gatherings. In addition to this, most people would consider the eye as the very center of a person’s beauty, physically.
There are several ways to grow eyelashes these days. Some are of natural and others are from artificial growth or extensions. The growth would vary depending on when you want to have it. If the occasion would take months or weeks, it is better to grow eyelashes naturally since it would take a while to have them grow long enough. If ever you need or want it now, then the best thing for you is to skip the natural eyelash growth and proceed to fake eyelashes or extensions.

Natural eyelash growth is done through dieting, application of lubricants, application of vitamin E and regular brushing. Through proper diet, your body will start growing your hair and nails. The eyelashes are also hair, and this is why it will grow through dieting.Another way to grow eyelashes is through the application of natural lubricants like olive oil or petroleum jelly. Simply apply it at night and remove it in the morning.Vitamin E is also known to be great for the rejuvenation of the skin, cells, hair cells and the nails. It can help grow eyelashes. Regular brushing of eyelashes can also help grow the eyelash. Brushing it regularly will stimulate the hairs of the eyelash to grow.

If ever you are in a hurry and you want your eyelashes to instantly be longer, the best thing to do would be to get eyelash extensions. These are fake eyelashes that are placed with your eyelashes to have a fuller and longer look. Another way is to have it surgically embedded in your eyelids. These fake eyelashes would last depending on what kind of fake eyelash that you got. If it is through adhesives, it will probably last for a few days up to weeks, depending on what kind of adhesive was used and how it was applied. As for the surgical fake eyelashes, it will be permanent.

You can choose from whatever methods you feel most comfortable. Natural or artificial eyelashes as long as it elongates the eyelashes and makes you look more beautiful, go for it. The eyelashes serve as the framing for the eyes, or the “windows to the soul”. Just like a picture frame, choosing the best picture frame where to put an important picture would make it look more enticing.